My favorite apps that can help you learn how to play the guitar



As with all other creative hobbies, playing the guitar is a lot harder than it looks at first glance. However, I also think it is worth the effort you put into it. It’s one of the – if not the most rewarding things I’ve ever learned, and I will recommend it for the rest of my life. The only problem is, like all things in life, finding a starting point.

It’s quite puzzling to learn it on your own, and that’s why I’ve decided to put together a list with some of the classes that have helped me understand this instrument better. You have quite a nice selection, with resources that cover all grounds, from Youtube to smartphone apps, because in this day and age we don’t have to be limited by just one thing.

The first thing I want to recommend to you is apps. We all heard of them, and we’ve all used them. And when learning how to handle the guitar, they could be lifesaving. You can pretty much find hundreds of cool apps, for both Android and iOS. Moreover, they will help you not only learn the notes but also tune your instrument, which is something that I still haven’t really mastered.

My favorite app is Real Guitar, which I have both on my phone and my tablet. It is simple to use, and I’ve tackled the app to teach myself how to play my acoustic guitar, and in all honesty, I’ve never sounded better. It is very intuitive, and it features a digital guitar which you can play for hours on end without your fingers hurting.

Next on my list is Shred Academy. This is a free guitar learning resource, which I stumbled upon on YouTube, in my search for good online teachers. This channel features more than 100 guitar learning videos, ideal to get you started on the basics of the craft.  What I like about it, believe it or not, is that you can choose your preferred instructor, genre, or technique, for a super personalized experience. And there’s no better way of learning something then seeing it with your own eyes.

Another equally awesome Youtube channel is Dolphin Street. The famous guitarist Robert Renman runs it, and it includes a unique thing on this website –  a virtual library of information. It teaches music theory, to take your lessons to the next level. There are even Q&A sessions where you can leave your comments in case you need something explained in detail.

And the last one is the ever-so-famous Ultimate-Guitar. If you’re into learning by experiencing rather than from theory, using tabs is the way to go. Ultimate-Guitar is the best source out there since it has been around for a while now, and it has a fantastic selection of songs for you to choose from.

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